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St Vincent’s Private Hospitals first group to launch V3 of epi-me

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals and their patient’s are enjoying the benefits of EpiSofts latest iteration of its award-winning application, epi-me, formerly marketed at eAdmissions. Over the past month the hospital group rolled out the patient portal across all their private hospital. 

With this latest version EpiSoft has unveiled a suite of new functions that include Informed Financial Consent workflow, payment gateway, sophisticated event triggered patient communication tools, self-serve appointment booking and management, post-discharge feedback as well as being architected to support multilingual portals.

“There are a lot of players in the patient portal market but with these new features we have really set ourselves apart from the pack. These functions deliver measurable time savings for hospitals so we can guarantee a return on investment within a very short period of implementing the portal” said EpiSoft Founder, Jenny O’Neill.  

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals had already been trialling a number of patient portals across their group when they decided to make the move to epi-me.

According to St Vincent’s Clinical Systems Project Manager, Rebecca Ziffer “Since moving from another admissions portal to epi-me we have reduced our patient complaints from 4 daily to 0 and we have achieved a 25% time saving in our clinical preadmission team and an additional 5% in admin time.” 

epi-me was first launched back in 2011 with the Sydney Adventist Hospital, as of this week it is used in over 70 hospitals across Australia, the company has a staggering 100% customer retention rate for epi-me.

“EpiSoft are so far ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation but more importantly, they listen and engage with their customers, that is why we have had such a successful ongoing relationship for over 6 years” said Aaron Fowler, Application Change Manager, Healthscope Hospitals.

epi-me is integrated to several of the most popular Patient Administration Systems as well as a number of EMRs including EpiSoft’s own. EpiSoft EMR features custom workflows for oncology, infusion management, hepatitis, IBD, addiction disorders and mental health.