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COVID-19 Crisis, How EpiSoft Is Assisting

EpiSoft topped Pulse IT’s list of e-health companies providing solutions to the escalating COVID-19 crisis.

epi-me – hospital preadmission patient portal

EpiSoft’s patient portal, epi-me, has been extended to screen incoming admissions for COVID-19 risk. In addition to delivering the patient’s full preadmission information and health history straight into the hospital’s patient administration system, epi-me is scanning the patient’s responses to the COVID-19 questions and raising real-time clinical alerts for triage and escalation by the clinical preadmission team.

EpiSoft CEO, Jenny O’Neill, had this to say about the companies response to the pandemic “As a nimble, web-based company EpiSoft is highly-efficient at implementing changes, particularly in this time of crisis. We would love to hear from any hospital or facility looking to implement electronic risk-screening measures in a rapid time-frame. Everyone here at EpiSoft is ready and willing to help during this time of need”

EpiSoft – oncology practice management

EpiSoft’s cloud-based oncology practice management system is being used by cancer specialists to conduct remote consultations. The application is also enabling administrative staff to work from home while supporting the delivery of care for infusion centres.

EpiSoft co-founder, Michael Hurse explained “EpiSoft EMR can be used adjunct to any telehealth software, and our customers have been using the new COVID-19 MBS items in earnest since their release last week.”

EpiSoft is offering oncology & haematology practices an introductory offer of 3 months free trial of the platform. Practices can learn more about this free trial here.