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St Vincent’s Private Hospitals implement eAdmissions

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St Vincent’s Private Hospitals are in the process of rolling out the latest version of EpiSoft’s eAdmissions application, which has gone live in five of the group’s hospitals over the last month.

Version three of eAdmissions has a suite of new functions including informed financial consent (IFC) workflow, a payment gateway, event-triggered patient communication tools, self-serve appointment booking and management, post-discharge feedback as well as being architected to support multilingual portals.

eAdmissions was first developed in 2011 in association with the Sydney Adventist Hospital (The San) and is now used in over 70 hospitals across Australia. It was developed to enable patients or their carers to submit administrative and clinical history information prior to admission.

EpiSoft founder Jenny O’Neill said there were a lot of players in the patient portal market but the new features set eAdmissions apart.

“These functions deliver measurable time savings for hospitals so we can guarantee a return on investment within a very short period of implementing the portal,” Ms O’Neill said.

eAdmissions is integrated with several of the most popular patient administration systems (PAS) as well as a number of EMRs, including EpiSoft’s own. EpiSoft EMR features custom workflows for oncology, infusion management, hepatitis, IBD, addiction disorders and mental health.

St Vincent’s Private Hospitals had already been trialling a number of patient portals across the group when it decided to make the move to EpiSoft, St Vincent’s clinical systems project manager, Rebecca Ziffer, said.

“Since moving from another admissions portal to eAdmissions we have reduced our patient complaints from four daily to 0 and we have achieved a 25 per cent time saving in our clinical pre-admission team and an additional five per cent in admin time.

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