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Medical Practices

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Treatment Services

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Research Organisations

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The (not so) fine print

  1. Prices are in Australian Dollars
  2. Prices exclude GST
  3. EpiSoft may review its pricing from time to time.
  4. Prices exclude third-party costs like SMS messages, secure messaging costs, MIMS medication lookup

Frequently asked questions

A billable treatment visit is a single day of patient treatment. Treatments include drug administration as well as supportive treatments (eg. blood transfusions) and maintenance (eg. port bloods). Multiple treatments for a given patient in a single visit count as one treatment visit for licensing purposes.

Consults or other non-treatment appointments are not billable.

Yes, although it varies on the services you require. A typical hospital implementation involves system training by our friendly staff. If you have other systems that EpiSoft Cancer needs to integrate with, this typically incur costs. A rule of thumb is that an organisation should budget approximately the 1-year license price for one-off implementation costs.

Yes – please see below some of the typical third-party costs.

  • Integrated SMS notifications for appointment reminders and ad-hoc messages. These can be included on your invoices on EpiSoft or can be paid for directly to MessageMedia
  • MIMS Integrated licensing for the drug formulary contained in EpiSoft. Pricing can be obtained from MIMS by emailing
  • Secure messaging transaction fees for use of third-party services such as Healthlink, ReferralNet, Medical Objects or Argus eg. for sending electronic referrals or letters to the patient’s GP.
  • For integrating EpiSoft to other clinical systems in your local network, a secure messaging delivery agent is required. This could be the third-party services mentioned immediately above, or EpiSoft can provide a low-cost, proprietary agent if these aren’t suitable.

Yes – just reply-back to your invoicing email with your preferred invoicing preference – annual, semi-annually or quarterly.

Great news! The ‘Treatment services’ subscription also includes the practice management functionality for FREE!

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