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A sample of EpiSoft's custom Event Summary that aggregates outcomes from a line of treatment.

EpiSoft first to implement cycle-based cancer event summary upload to My Health Record

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In an Australian first innovation, treatment event summaries covering a full cycle of care can now be seamlessly uploaded to My Health Record using EpiSoft’s medical oncology management platform.

In contrast to encounter summaries that are generated for each day of the cancer treatment, EpiSoft’s treatment cycle summary provides clinicians using My Health Record with a single, longitudinal view of a patient’s treatment outcomes for the whole treatment cycle.

Cancer care providers using the EpiSoft® platform are expected to commence uploading treatment cycle summaries in the coming days. EpiSoft® users can also upload specialist letters to My Health Record and have a convenient access point to their patients’ My Health Record integrated within EpiSoft®’s existing document viewer.

“We were delighted to have collaborated with the Australian Digital Health Agency in improving how a patient’s cancer care journey is shared with other clinicians via My Health Record. My Health Record integration will provide additional benefits to our customers such as more streamlined medication reconciliation and more convenient access to diagnostic reports through the document viewing capability.” said EpiSoft CEO, Jenny O’Neill.

“Looking ahead, we now expect to roll out My Health Record integration with a number of our cancer care and mental health providers who use EpiSoft® to manage the care of patients with serious chronic illnesses.”

EpiSoft® is Australia’s only all-in-one cloud‐based medical oncology and administration platform for hospitals, home nursing providers and practices providing cancer and other infusion treatments. The platform manages every step of the cancer workflow from the initial specialist consultation through to diagnosis, protocol ordering, pharmacy orders and drug administration as well as practice management functions such as inpatient and outpatient billing and claiming. EpiSoft® integrates the NSW Cancer Institute’s eviQ protocols so that cancer care providers can easily access and prescribe the latest, evidence-based, peer reviewed and best practice cancer treatments.

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